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After years of traveling around the world and having gained extensive experience in coffee production, G.Neofotistos founded Nektar company in 1951. Since then and until now, Nektar remains a family-owned and operated business.

Since 1980 and until now, Varvara Neofotistou is the Managing Director of the company. Nektar has been exclusively specialized in the production of top quality Greek coffee blends and has managed to decrease delivery times and cover the main cities and islands of Greece with better distribution channels.

We managed to expand our product range and increase our market position through the establishment of co-operations, in order to exclusively distribute their products in Greece

In 2008, NEKTAR completed setting up a new coffee plant at Mikines enabling us to deliver fast and grow our capacity. Now, Nektar has presence all around Greece is growing in export activities by forming alliances with food distributors, focuses on Greek coffee but develops at the same time new products, by paying constant attention to technological innovation. In 2012, we won 1st Prize at the "The 100 Best" Products of the Year 2012

Throughout these 62 years, we keep our coffee blends in the best quality and wish to provide to our people the experience they wish, through the process of enjoying their coffee or drink.

  • Our PURPOSE:
  • To see Nektar in every home
  • We listen to people's needs everyday, every hour, every moment, in order for our Nektar coffee and drinks to be in every home, every hour, every moment.
  • We wish to cover every moment and depending on the mood each person has to choose the drink he/she pleases the most and is suitable for him/her
  • Every person to find his or her Nektar through the day... this is happiness!


  • Teamwork
  • Expertise
  • Sustainability
  • Love and Engagement for what we do


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