Greek Coffee preparing tips

For each cup desired, measure one demitasse cup of cold water into a briki.
Pour one teaspoonful of Greek coffee and sugar to taste. Stir well.
Slowly bring it all to a boil over medium heat.
The coffee is ready when the froth has risen right up to the brim.
Pour the coffee slowly into the cups, dividing the foam equally between each cup.

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Filter Coffee preparing tips

Use 2 tbsp ground coffee per doz of water.
When using paper filter, rinse it with hot water before use.
Once brewed, store in a thermally jacketed vessel to keep it hot.
Never reheat coffee
To adjust strength, simply add hot water after brewing
Store in an airtight container in a cool dry place.
Once opened, store in the freezer.

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Making Hot Chocolate at home

Nothing says "comfort" quite like a delicious mug of hot chocolate!
- We add in boiling pot (called 'briki'):
Per 1 Chocolate sachet of your taste
200ml fresh milk (one cup)
- Bring to boil stirring our mix (CAUTION, do not boil the milk)
Your Hot Chocolate is ready to Serve!

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Making your DIECINO

- We add in a glass (350 ml):
1/3 milk;
2/3 ice cube, from frozen milk or just normal water. For a better result, prefer frozen milk like this;
And empty the mix in the blender machine;

- We add in the blender machine two big spoons of Diecino. We use the blender for 30'' (mix all together until the color become light brown)
- Serve in a glass using a large diameter straw

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- We place 80 ml double espresso to the shaker or blender with 10 ice cubes.
- We add the quantity of sugar we wish and then stir until the mix is frozen.
- We transfer the mix to a bigger glass (250 ml) and add the cold cream.
- Finalize your decoration and flavor by adding on the top some chocolate powder.

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Quick reference guide to machine troubleshooting

Coffee comes out too slow:
Basket has been over-dosed with ground coffee, tamp pressure too hard, grind is set too fine, dispersion screens are badly blocked (rarely)
1.Repeat dose ensuring basket is filled to appropriate level (18-20g)
2.Ensure correct tamping pressure is used
3.Adjust the grinder setting making the particle size Coarser
4.Remove dispersion screens and clean

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Ice Tea Recipes

We add in a glass (200 ml):

-25 ml Natfood Ice Tea

-2/3 ice cubes and soda

-Stir well

Serve in a glass using a large diameter straw

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Smoothies Tips

We add in a blender:
-40-50ml Nektar Smoothie
-6/8 ice cubes, 100 ml water,yogurt or milk.
-empty the mix in the blender machine

Serve in a glass using a large diameter straw

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